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Themes- How many different themes have you switched?

  1. Seems like WordPress is going another spurt of releasing new themes for us here in past few months.

    I'm curious, since you have started blogging, how many different themes has your blog(s) changed? I mean making a switch so at least you've used the theme at least over a month long or so.

    For the blog under my name, it's only been the 3rd different theme I've activated and used. That blog has been around since early 2010.

    My other 2 blogs have remained the same theme since I've started them. One started in late 2009- MistyLook and the 3rd one started in late 2010 (Twenty Ten).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've changed only once. WordPress needs some new Photography themes.

  3. yourfinesthour

    How do I change themes? I want to add a theme I have seen that have been released released but it's not in the themes I can choose from.

  4. Go to your dashboard > Appearance > Themes > choose the theme you want > Click Activate

  5. yourfinesthour

    I know how to do this. I'm wondering how to upload themes not in this directory. Or is this an option? Thanks. I'm thinking I may revert back to blogger

  6. You can only use WordPress themes. Installing themes is not an option on If you want to install a theme, you need to go to, but it requires a host.

  7. becomingcliche

    I've only been here for a few weeks, so I am on my first theme. It was "new" when I started personalizing my blog. I'm using choco, and I really like the look. I did test a couple of other ones during the process, and this was the one I settled on.

  8. Over the course of the last 5 years I have switched several times. In my test blogs I have tried all the themes we have.

  9. I've been here 7 months and switched maybe 3 times. I recently switched from The Morning After (which I used the longest) because I wanted something simpler. I'm using Twenty-Ten right now and I like it. My love affair with widgets is over. :-)

  10. yourfinesthour

    Ahhh I think that's my confusion - the host part. I wanted to install themes from I guess I cannot access these themes unless I have a host for my blog? Right now I just have the basic.
    Thanks for your help. I like that with Blogger you could manipulate the themes. Not so much an option unless you have a host. Again thanks for explaining.

  11. I have switched once. I like my current theme.

  12. @yourfinesthour You're welcome!

  13. On my test blogs, I think, I've tried all free themes. But on my main blog I've used (listed below are the themes which I used for more than 15days):
    Twenty Ten
    Twenty Eleven

    Now, I'm sticked to Twenty Eleven and there is no chance to change it before Twenty Twelve comes. :) It's showcase template is awesome.

  14. I used Twenty Ten... then Twenty Eleven! I like the simplicity of it! I also only like themes where you can change and upload your own header image.

  15. I've been blogging here for nearly two years and I think I've only had three themes on my main blog and two on my others. The first one I had (Andreas09) didn't have a custom header which bugged me, the second one (which I've forgotten even though it wasn't long since I switched!) got too crowded and I couldn't take how wide the side panels were in comparison with the middle text area, and the one I have now (Chateau) I love! (With the possible exception of the tags at the side.) One of my other blogs - my art one - I loved the layout, the colour, everything but could not tolerate the layout of the comment headers. In my opinion, sometimes the comments page layouts seem to be badly designed when the main part of the theme is great.

    There definitely should be more themes for photography and image posts in general, and not those one-page wonders where I suspect most people don't bother going to the next page. I'd have loved a pale-background equivalent of the single-column option of Modularity Lite, but could I find anything like it? No.

    I've got a couple of test blogs and have tried nearly all the themes.

  16. strawberryindigo

    It seems 2010 and 2011 are popular. I have been here 10 days and have had both. I have 2011 now but I may go exploring for a new one.

  17. I definitely must have a theme with a customizable header.

  18. I've had the same theme since I started my blog over two years ago now. I knew I wanted one with a customisable heading and Neat was the one that worked best for me. It's unlikely I'll be changing it in the near future. Unless I see a better one, of course.

  19. More new recent themes released.

    Part of the drawback for me is that I just can't be bothered to again, resize my custom header and even doing some minor fixes to 'trial' a new theme just to see how it TRULY looks. Really, I just want to spend my time on dreaming up other new posts for the several babies I look after.

  20. I've been here six years and changed themes on my main blog three times, I believe. Dusk was the first one, I had a custom CSS thing with tentacles for the second theme, and the third is Koi, as you see here. I LOVE the Minimum theme, but am far too cheap to pay for it.

  21. Never. I like the sense of familiarity that the theme brings.

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