Themes: Minimum – trunkate? non-sequential?

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    Hi, does anyone know if the premium theme Minimum (or another one for that matter) allows for posts to be arranged non-sequentially? Also, can I trunkate posts in it? And finally, once I pay the fee, can I switch between premium themes?

    Thanks! A

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi A. For most themes you will not be able to arrange your posts non-sequentially. The exception here is that typically posts that are marked as sticky will show up first on your archive—home, category, tag, and date-based—pages, regardless of post date. There are some limitations with this, based on theme. You can’t shuffle around posts non-sequentially easily. WIth regard to truncating posts, if you’re referring to archive pages then you should be able to do this by using either the…


    …tag or custom excerpts for your posts. Finally, you cannot switch between premium themes. If you buy one you have the option to receive a refund on the purchase within 30 days, but keep in mind that you are buying a specific theme, not access to all premium themes.

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