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Themes not updating properly

  1. I was playing around with the themes and it just stopped updating even though it says that the themes is updated. The same thing with the header picture - it keeps displaying the old header.
    At first I thought this is a cache issue, but I cleared the cache and even opened it with a different browser and it still displayed the old theme. The weird thing about it is that on the dashboard everything seems to be correct (the themes & images updates properly.) Can anyone help me with this? Many thanks.

  2. I experienced the same thing yesterday. I'm not clear on what happened but I do know there is some work going on to bring new servers online and balance them. This means there could be a time delay factor between servers and that could be the cause of your problem. If it persists then you'll have to contact staff via a feedback and request assistance.

  3. Ah, that'll explain it. I assume that your problem is already solved?

  4. Yes my problem was remedied yesterday evening and it's now morning where I live so maybe it's feedback time for you.

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