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    Why can’t we use themes of in
    Many bloggers like themes of,but can,t use them in
    Please tell me about it.I need more themes. is opensourse but need money. but if we use themes of in, I don’t think ,your money will be decrease.

    >I dont use customize css.



    The software is different. Every theme for that is brought to must be adapted to run on the wp-MU (mutltiuser) blogging platform that we all share here. If you wish to install and run a wordpress MU multiuser blogging platform – it’s open source so, go for it.

    And if you wish to have further clarification from staff then here’s where to do that


    Why don’t they adapted themes with



    Staff have stated that we are to send them a feedback with the link to the specific themes we wish to see adapted as well as our reasons for requesting it. And volunteers obviously do not make the decisions re: which themes are adapted — management and staff do. All further questions you have ought to be directed to staff and management.



    Timethief just told you. Our software here is very, very different, so things have to be rewritten. The themes are shared by a million bloggers, not downloaded to other servers, and there are only so many that staff can maintain at any given time. If you use software and host things on your own server you’re responsible for the maintenance, so it’s not such a burden on the WP staff.

    You have the option of learning CSS and buying the upgrade if you want to control the look of your blog more than the options we have here.


    thans for your helps
    But how long I should wait for add new themes to by staffs?



    We do not know the answer to your question. What we do know is that many themes have been requested and months have passed but they have not appeared. Please ask staff that question and any others you have on your mind about adapted themes. Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation. :)

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