Themes Preview is Gone?

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    Just a few days ago – we were able to preview a theme. Clicking Preview would allow you to see your own blog in the new theme. It was like trying on clothes and seeing how they looked in the mirror at the store.

    Now the choices are Activate / Customize / Details – or Purchase in the case of Premium Themes.

    Why has the Preview mode been done away with? How am I to determine if a Premium Theme works for me? As for the free themes –
    It is Activate or else you have no way of seeing if it fits.

    I’m really scratching my head about this one. Kindly explain this one. Or tell me how or if there is a work-around? Thank you.
    Actually there is a work around – if you click the customize – you will see your own blog in the design of the new theme.

    I now know that preview is included in Customize. Still, a note or calling the choice Customize/Preview would have been a better choice.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry there is something in the stickies.



    Not to worry. Here’s the link to the sticky post at the head of the forum >


    Previews are still there, they’ve just been updated!

    Thanks for pointing to the sticky post about this. That’s the best spot to add feedback. :)

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