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THEMES SHOWCASE: Blog gravatars

  1. When I first started exploring the Themes Showcase, I noticed under the theme details on the right of the page, a mass of gravatars for all bloggers who Liked the theme, presuming that meant they were actual theme users.

    I'm just now settling in and wanted to explore that resource, so that at least I would be looking at photoblogs that I'd be interested in viewing, rather than wading through the 30mil+ blogs on WordPress. As you would....

    My theme is Duotone. The theme's home page says, to quote: 39,512 blogs use the Duotone theme.
    That's a lot, and I have no intention of viewing all of them, but at least it is a narrowing-down of choices.

    Now, I notice that those gravatars have been removed. Just when I'm ready to explore. The three offerings on the Theme home page really aren't real, per se; they seem to be set up to only showcase the theme.

    What's happened that these gravatars have been removed?
    Will anything take their place?
    How else can I explore all those other photobloggers on WordPress?
    Is it a 'tag' or keyword thing that I can use on the WordPress home page search box? I do not wish to restrict myself to just certain subjects; I'm interested in eclectic material that covers the gamut.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Those who had Liked a theme weren't necessarily users of that theme. To find blogs that use Duotone, enter this in the google search box: "Theme: Duotone by Automattic"

  3. Thanks, justpi. The results I get from Google and Bing are interesting. Google over 2.62million and Bing 54,400, which is closer to the truth and more relevant, of course. Visiting some of the Bing results, it is interesting to note how many of them are quite old and inactive, but which come up in the first few pages of search results. I filtered by period and that reduced the numbers considerably. Will be busy for a while, I think! Thanks again for the tip.

  4. Google is probably still indexing blogs that used to use that theme and aren't anymore, which is where the higher number comes from.

  5. @jmnartsy: You're welcome.
    The seemingly vast number of results is also due to the fact that Google is indexing various posts, categories etc from the same blogs. I just tried the search I suggested: I got your daunting 2+ million results at first, but when I clicked to skip to the last pages, the results got narrowed down to a mere 647 "most relevant" ones.

  6. A suggestion. Add a space and then type "Blog at" after what justpi said. It narrows the results. You can also click on Image search to find some images that those bloggers have posted and get into the blogs that way, too.

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