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Themes that support custom fonts in standard mode

  1. I purchased the custom design package and didn't realize that fonts won't work with Grisaille in standard mode. Is there a list of themes that will work in standard mode? I'm annoyed that I bought the package and can't change the fonts without doing CSS, which I just don't have time to learn at this moment. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Howdy!

    I'm able to change Grisaille's fonts in Standard mode -- all themes should support Custom Fonts in Standard mode.

    It looks like you're using Advanced mode, which does involve some knowledge of CSS. Standard mode is limited to a certain set of fonts, which is why you're not seeing the font you've chosen. You can find Typekit's instructions for applying advanced fonts here. (I can help you find the required CSS selectors if that's the trouble -- just let me know.)

    If this doesn't clear things up, can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing in your Dashboard to give us a better idea of the problem? Thanks!

  3. Okay -- here's what I'm seeing in my dashboard.

    Let me know if you can see it. On top of this issue, my domain mapping isn't working. (Posted in another forum)

  4. Let's try that again. Here's what I'm seeing.

  5. Thank you! That clears things up.

    It looks like we prepared the theme for Custom Fonts support way back when the theme was originally added, but the font annotations file never got pushed to the live servers. D'oh. You should be able to use Standard mode with Grisaille shortly. :)

  6. Awesome! Thanks-this wonderful responsiveness is the reason I imported my blog!

  7. Fantastic, happy to help!

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