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Themes that support multiple Custom menus

  1. Know of any themes that support multiple menus?

    This is the only I see I can use pages/menus to create a blog page that looks like a webpage.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Also note that we can make any theme without or without custom menus look like a website. The key to doing so is to understand the differences between Pages and Posts and how blogs are structured to function. Once you have that understanding then any theme can become a Pages based mock website. The consequences of changing the structure from post based to Page based are found here >

    In short if you create a page based structure to appease your aesthetic preference then you cripple the blog when it comes to:
    1. securing traffic;
    2. securing comments;
    3. securing backlinks;
    4. achieving authority in the niche;
    5. achieving Google PageRank.

  3. if there isn't a static page, then it seems you would have the best of both worlds.

  4. At the moment all themes with CM support one menu only, except Enterprise, which supports two.

  5. ok, now I got how to use the custom menu item.

    sorry this has been difficult to get across to me.

    I typed up a new post, hoping it would get assinged to the category "poetry" but it only went to the home tab. Is there a way to get it to go to the poery category tab?
    i checked the box "poetry' for category but in the tab 'poetry' it was not there.

  6. That's because your "Poetry" tab links to a Poetry (static) page. You need to file the post under a Poetry category, then configure the custom menu to display that category.

  7. @Panos
    There are multiple threads so I am posting these links for you here:

    I'm off to take care of some clients. Best wishes you two. :)

  8. @tt: Yes I know, thanks. You told luiscongdon about Custom Menus when he first asked, but...

    @luiscongdon: Please don't open multiple threads on the same issue. Makes us go around in circles, or one of us gives a reply another has already given in the other thread, and we're all getting confused.

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