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themes, trackback & permalinks

  1. Themes vary as to whether they include the Permalink, Trackback, or Filed Under links at the end of each post.

    I assume these are turned on/off in CSS, correct? Under what tags? And, most importantly, can I put it back in existing themes?

    (Yes, I bought the CSS edit capability.)

  2. No.
    They probably are not there rather than being hidden and if they are there but commented out of the code then CSS cannot reveal them.

    You can check by doing a View Source on the page or by looking at exisiting CSS. It's worth a look I suppose.

  3. You can try adding in a display: none; to hide stuff in your CSS file. The problem is though other stuff might be in that div that surrounds the Permalink, Trackback, or Filed Under.

    Hope this helps,

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