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Themes with Page Templates

  1. Hi, Are there any other themes apart from Andreas09 that have page templates?

    i.e. link page, page with 1 column etc.


  2. Have you tried any of them? We're hoping someone would take the time to come up with a list. Do remember that we're all volenteers here in the forums. We're hoping someone will step up and make such a list.

  3. Yup, tried several but not methodically, I was hoping that list was already in
    Oh well.
    Thanks for getting back anyway.

  4. The Sandbox has two page templates: Links and Archives.

  5. Here you go:

    themes with page templates:
    andreas09 (default, 2 column archives list, 2 column links list, archives list, 2 column page, links list)
    benevolence (default, about)
    blix (default, archives, contact)
    Fauna Beta 1(default, archives)
    Flower Power(default, archives, contact)
    Dusk (default, archives, links)
    Pool (default, archives, links)
    Sandbox (default, archives, links)
    sapphire (default, archives, links)
    solipsus (default, archives)
    supposedly clean (default, archives, links)
    sweet blossoms (default, archives, contact)
    white as milk (default, archives, links)
    wordpress default (default, archives, links)

    Hope folk find that useful.

  6. @chuckstar7
    WOW! Thank you for providing this useful resource. You rock!

  7. It's wierd that they all have a default template. ;)

  8. Podz
    Will you please consider including the page templates list above in the FAQs.

  9. Additionally, the "Misty Look" template has default, contact, archives, links.

  10. @efdanehy
    Indeed it does. I switch my blog temporarily to the Misty Look theme to take advantage of the page templates in it. After generating an Archives page and a Links page I use the visual editor. I copy and paste the contents from the Archives and Links pages into new static pages. Then I delete the original Archives and Links pages generated by the Misty Look theme (because they will go blank when I switch themes back). Once that's done I switch from Misty Look to another theme and I have the static pages that I need.

    Please include this list in the FAQs.

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