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Themes with / without Time Stamp

  1. I've been frustrated by the fact that only certain themes on have the time stamp for blog entries, and you can't zoom into the theme sample to see the details. So you end up spending a lot of time trying out each and every theme just to see what kind perks it has (hint hint developers: please give us a little more info about the themes or let us see a full-size sample without having to change our blog).

    So here is the list I came up with after trying out several of the themes... hope others find this helpful. Themes that have Time Stamps
    Almost Spring 1.1
    Banana Smoothie 1.0
    Benevolence 1.0
    Dusk 1.1
    Fleur De Lys
    Hemingway 0.1 alpha
    Ocadia 1.1
    Pool 1.0.7
    Quentin 0.9
    Regulus 2.1.1 (date and time only for the most recent post)
    Rubric 1.0
    Shocking Blue Green 1.0
    Silver is the New Black 1.0
    WordPress Classic 1.5 Themes that do NOT have Time Stamps
    Andreas04 1.0
    Andreas09 1.5
    Blix 0.9.1
    Connections 1.0
    Contempt 1.0
    Fauna Beta 1
    Fresh Bananas
    Green Marinee 1.0
    Jentri 1.0
    Neat! 0.01
    Sapphire 1.0
    Simpla 1.01
    Treba 1.0
    White as Milk 1.0
    WordPress Default 1.5

  2. All of the themes include links to the designer's websites. Usually they include a demo shot of some sort.

    I only think two of the designers visit this forum by the way. Most of them are active over here though.

    Of course all themes are editable if you go the route of paid hosting. It's a two second fix to add the time stamp. :)

  3. this thread is going to come in handy when it's time for a change of theme, merci epist

  4. Actually I thought about this last night. Maybe the suggestion of a text widget where one could set settings (ie include timestamp, poster's name, which name, etc.) would come in handy.

    To the Feedback option!....

  5. I think something to give us more control over whether timestamps appear and what they show is an absolute necessity. A widget or some such thing would be very handy.

    I love my theme, but am irritated that I have no control over the timestamp.

  6. I wanted time stamping too, which limited the themes available. I would LOVE a widget to control this, though.

  7. walkacrossmass

    I second that. It seems timestamps should be available for all themes...

  8. hongkongphooey


  9. Good catch, I wasn't tracking that info in my Theme Review

  10. I hate the timestamp. I picked a new theme the other week and now it has the time on the comments area. And I also noticed that the feeds at Bloglines have the time. I know what time it is. I HATE it! :)

  11. Needed that badly, thanks!

  12. You're welcome. :)

  13. This thread is *exactly* what I was looking for.

    Of course, I don't like any of the options, but at least I know!

  14. thank have hit the bulls eye.

  15. You're welcome.

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