Themes/Layout Want ‘About’ and ALL entries ALWAYS displayed.

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    Hi. Can someone please tell me why it seems that so many themes come default with these layouts/settings- About is impossible to access or NOT automatically showing up prominently on the blog if someone goes to it? And also why so many themes do NOT just have every single posting visible on the main page in one big huge scroll going down, as opposed to SEPARATED into completely different pages, to get to which one must click on bullet point links (by date) on one side of the screen? What am I doing wrong here? Can Themes be adjusted or re-set in terms of these layout options or are they set in stone Theme by Theme?

    Thanks for any help! – Adam

    The blog I need help with is


    Each theme is designed by an individual author. Each author decides what kind of navigation they are going to include. Some include top navigation below or above the header, some do not. Why isn’t every car red?

    If you have 500 posts, and all of them showed on the main page, your site would literally freeze up people’s computers, and if it didn’t, it could take half hour to load. The search engines take into account total page file size (all the stuff a browser has to download to display a page) and also page load times when they determine page rank. If you displayed all your posts on one page, the search engines would throw your blog under a bus and your page rank would drop like a stone.

    Also, not everyone has a 45Mbps internet connection. A good percentage of people are still on internet connections at 256kbps or less. I’m on a wireless internet connection (mi-fi) and mine is only (if I’m lucky) 1.5Mbps. If I come to your site with 500 posts and it takes forever to load, I’ll simply click away.

    The internet has done a lot of good, but it has also shortened the attention span and patience of people using it by a considerable margin, and slow loading pages is one of the top 10 things people hate move on the internet.

    If you want to set your main blog page to display billions of posts on your main page, go ahead (settings > reading) but don’t whine when your blog either freezes or your traffic and page rank drop off a cliff.

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