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There is a stats problem

  1. I'm also getting no clicks registered - this is mentioned a few times above, but no 'answer'


    Clicks for 7 days ending 2007-02-21





  2. I'm noticing that stats are significantly down...while feed stats are through the roof. And the two don't balance out. Anyone else seeing stats low today?

  3. While I'm not having my stats counted as an admin anymore, I believe I do have other stat problems such as what has been mentioned above, this being the clicks not showing for 2 days. As far as my other stats are concerned, since I posted a message in here last night, (now 7:15am), I've had 1 hit and 3 feed hits, (0 hits since the day reset lastnight). I'm not sure if I feel this is normal though as I've only had the site running for about 5 days.

  4. I'd say it's too early to tell norms for your blog. The stats issue has been around in one form or another for the entire time your blog's been around. But the ratio of hits to feed hits is out of whack, because I get for every ten normal hits I get, I'll get one feed hit. Unless your blog is exclusively very, very techie, you should have more regular than feed hits.

  5. I just checked a couple of things: normally, I get maybe twice as many hits on a given post as I have comments; in at least one case for today, they're almost identical numbers, which might mean that while regular hits to the main blog page aren't being counted, specific page views are accurate. Then again, my hits might just be way down and my comments way up today.

  6. I agree, I should be getting more hits than feeeds. Hard to tell if it was happening yesterday since my admin access was being counted as hits, however if your saying this has been going on since I signed up, then it's hard to say. At the moment, my feeds are higher than my actual hits, 3 - 2, (it was 3 - 1 earlier), so it seem this part might be working as expected, but still no clicks, unless of course the person wasn't interested in clicking the link I provided.

  7. It hasn't been constant; it's just something I've noticed off and on for the past few days, that the specifics of some posts haven't been recorded accurately at some points in the day. The week-overview seems normal for all but Clicks, which is still messed up.

  8. @samureye

    Not everyone checks either. (Or heck heard about it until today) The forums are setup for support. If they're not checking the forums for support, then the issue is with them.


  9. You remember came up once a few months ago. There's a thread around asking for a twitter widget, but interest flared and died down. My preference is for forum posts or emails, if it's a major issue ie once a year or so.

    Also, something appears to be up with the stats. I've gotten nothing in more than an hour. Not one hit registered. That would be extremely unusual for my blog at this time of day.

  10. Actually I don't. That's strange as it seems like I usually do remember stuff like that.

    Maybe it was when I was bellringing.

    edit: Found it Link Oh, that one! :)

  11. There is - I think - still a problem.

    The heaps of Supports I'm getting are not letting us forget.

    If you read this, let me help people with another problem and do not send a support.

  12. Okay, the point I was making was use Twitter because I think mark was talking about what could happen if even the status blog went down. Instead, have the Twitter, have it at the top of the official blog or something, or make a post and tell people subscribe to that feed. It is not connected to at all so if there is a problem, people can be in the know. Did I explain myself properly? :s

  13. Well, email works that way too. I just don't want to have to install yet another thing on my computer specifically so I can talk to one person. I keep AIM and Yahoo messenger around for just those reasons, and there is only so much specialized accomodation one is willing to do. If I came to the blog and it and and the forums were all down, I would check email instantaneously, and I think that would be the default for most bloggers. There are more than a half-million people we have to think about here.

  14. I'm 9 on the popular blogs list, I ain't complaining. :-P

  15. Hey guys, im new here just thought I would say that the stats have been a bit dodgy today too, well compared to the last few days it has...300+ then 50 so far...maybe its working right now and the 300 was wrong I dunno lol :)

  16. talkingbaseball

    I've noticed a problem with Clicks lately too. For some reason, the Stats plugin is no longer counting clicks. My site went from having numerous outclicks to zero. That's just not right.

  17. No clicks here. Good news on the feed stats - mine are up 500% :)

  18. Me "no clicks ' for a long time too. Hey, but it sounds like a terrific name for a new blog:

  19. defrostindoors

    I was afraid that people were getting paranoid and not clicking anything, since I'd added the "what people are clicking" to my sidebar. "Oh no! They're watching!" That'll teach me to come here first!

  20. My hits are about 200 - 300 less, while for the past three days, I have experienced no stats for the outgoing clicks.

  21. Do remember to check your Feed stats; it's entirely possible that all the regular hits you're missing are as a result of Google Reader's changes and what's really happened is that the readers you had who were using Google Reader are now on the Feed Page rather than the Stat Page. I have found if I add the two they add up to the right number more or less. And my feed stats have gone INSANE recently.

  22. I'm having stats count problem also. It is currently set to 1 for the past couple of days. Yes also not getting outgoing clicks. I am only getting internal (to wordpress) referrers and not external, including my domain name!

    Hoping this works out soon.

    The wordpress dudes are usually great with bugs, so I leave it in you capable hands guys!

  23. Salaam, Working fine here

  24. Holy cow...what is this guy rightontime blabbering about?

    I had yet another problem related to stats. The post that got the most visits was a different one to the one I saw listed as being the top post from around wordpress. Moreover, the post which I saw as being the top post from around wordpress did not even have a single hit.

    Is this also messed up by the stats problem?

  25. Deleted spam. For reference, please don't acknowledge spammers. Just add in a 'modlook' tag tot he thread and I or a staff member will get it.

    @dream, might be. The top list around is a cahced list as well that onlt gets updated every so often.

  26. I am going to close this and re-post because this thread has become too long to easily find out what the actual problem is.

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