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There is a stats problem

  1. It looks like your visits are being counted.

    This will be fixed as soon as is possible

    Apologies for it happening.
    Please don't send any feedbacks/supports. We know about this and it will be fixed. More supports just stop me helping others with different problems.

  2. Is there a feed bug as well? My feed stats have more than tripled yesterday and today. Not that I'm complaining!

  3. I'm not aware of a feed bug but Andy will be along later so it can be checked then.

  4. Hmm, mine seem low. On the old site, I was getting about 300 a day on the main site. The highest I've gotten here is 86.

  5. thank you guys for the hard work :-)

  6. Thanks, but maybe this should be posted on the blog? Maybe there should be a status blog.

  7. I have a problem with the "click".
    There are "none" today, which is not normal.
    It is frozen.

  8. I have that problem too, homeyra.

  9. @raincoaster:

    The feeds increase is because Google Reader and Google Personalize Homepage started reporting their reader count. That's a real number. Everyone's blog seems to have gone up 25-40%.

  10. Maybe there should be a status blog.

    Seconded. It would be particularly useful when the site itself is unreachable. I know you're not planning on having any more downtime or breakage, but then who ever plans on having downtime or breakage? Just do a quick wp install on a separate server and post to it once in a blue moon.

    I'm so glad I don't care about stats, it saves me endless worry.

  11. A status blog would be great.

  12. - make it and tell people to subscribe, so any problems you know about people will know that you are aware and therefore they will know not to send in any supports to help get the job. It doesn't have to be about WordPress being up or down, but simple things like your own clicks being counted.

  13. has been taken and used and deleted. Probably have to use something else.

  14. I always post to the forum as soon as I know. I probably know before most people and my record on this is good.
    Contact Support to ask if needed.

    And I have posted here before saying "Please do send supports" and people then post that they will just to be sure. I'm still getting them. But then people with real problem just have to wait.

    But we do not need a status blog.

  15. In case the above sounds harsh, here's what happens.
    If we create a Status blog then people who have even a tiny problem will go there, see that their issue is not listed then rush here to the forums and post about it.
    If we create a Status blog and something does go wrong people will look there first and if nothing is there yet will rush to the forums and post about it.
    If we create a Status blog and something goes wrong but for the most innocent of reasons does not get posted to that blog people will say we are covering things up. Which we don't do.
    If we create a Status blog then it's somewhere else to check.

    The forums are inhabited 24 hours a day. Support is covered for far too many of those hours by me and watched for problems at other times. As soon as we know there is a problem big enough to warrant a post here (and stats most certainly is) then we will make the post.

    People have 1 place to check and 1 place to discuss things.
    (If I genuinely thought it would be useful we'd have one, but I don't. For hopefully the right reasons)

  16. Thanks, Mark for letting us know, I just opened a new blog –a family, very small one– today and was going nuts trying to find out why on Earth so many visits not tracked by Site Meter. I know you'll fix it. Any possible way that the stats and graphs may be corrected? Thanks for the great work.

  17. What I would like is an RSS feed for those status posts that doesn't include all of the forums.

    That is all :)

  18. I just received this e-mail from Andy, ([email redacted]):

    "Thanks for the report about your visits being counted as page views. We have found and fixed the cause of the issue and your visits will no longer be counted. Sorry about the inconvenience!




  19. It's strange because the graph isn't moving by the referrers and Posts Read counts and all that have been going up fine all day.

  20. ffextensionguru

    Also noticing my clicks are at 1 for today.

  21. Mine are none actually.

    edit: We've discussed the status blog before: Link

  22. Mine are one. There has been some strangeness with this going back a few days; I posted about it last week, but it always seemed to resolve itself.

  23. Ok, then maybe you should just have a account, mark. In the end, not everyone checks the forums. Tell people subscribe to that. I'm just spitballin' here.

  24. twitter would be nice.
    and i've also got the zero-click issue on my blog.

  25. Same here: zero clicks, and I know that can't be right.

  26. macroartinnature

    No clicks here for 2 days, ... and feeder gone wild! : )

  27. @engtech

    Referring to the increase in feed stats..'Thats a real number' you say..Wow..thanks for the info. The increase is more than a 100% in my case which means that I had a lot more Google readers..Right? And undetected so far! Gotcha!

    And no clicks as well.

  28. giorgiameschini

    No clicks here for 2 days, too - but stats are ok.

  29. If engtech says feed numbers are real, that works for me, kaveetaakaul. If you've been paying attention to your feed reader stats at all, you'll have noticed they have always said they're in beta and evolving. And us stats fanatics know that Google has been tweaking like mad these past couple of weeks. If he says this is what changed and the numbers are real, then it makes a great deal of sense to take him at his word; the man generally knows what he's talking about.

    My feed stats have gone up 300%, but I generally save the complaining impulse for when they go down.

  30. @ Raincoaster,

    I'm grinning from ear to ear as well.

    Purely in an effort to check and 'not count my chickens before they were hatched' kinda thought, so that all doubts could be cleared once and for all.

    I sure am taking him by his word..

    No complaints whatsoever..all is cool

    Thanks a ton engtech

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