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There is no alignment on posts or pages created.

  1. I'm having a difficult time explaining what is happening. If you will look at the Test Post page [] as well as the Archives page [] of my Personal Blog [] you will see in the upper right corner beneath my photo and about information, that the text from the Test Post is there large and bolded albeit hidden somewhat and on the Archives page, the title of the page is in that same spot. I am using the same theme for my photoblog with no problems at all. Can you tell me what is going on please? I am a free user so there is no css coding or fixing that I can do on my part. Please help me with this as it's quite unsightly. Thank you very much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You should use Justify, it'll be there when you make a post.

  3. I should use justify where? And how will that take away the text from the Archives page. I checked on my phone w/ the full site and not just the mobile view and it's not like that there.

  4. It seems the alignment is too high. I added another test post to see and it's clearly visible on the Archives page now. It's too high and it's too far to the right. The entire page alignment is out of whack it seems for the Archives page as well as post page.

  5. It's out of whack because you've got two unclosed HTML tags in the Text widget. You need to delete this:
    <div align="justified">
    and add this at the very end:

  6. Oh my, how embarrassing. It was quite late last night when I was working on it and I should know better. Thank you so much. Problem solved.

  7. Wait, there is one more question. Can you tell me why I do not have thumbnails on my Archives page for my photoblog here: I have set a featured image for each post. I just started using the Imbalance 2 theme and that was one of the reasons to switch but I don't understand that part. Thank you again.

  8. In future, when you want to ask a new unrelated question, please start a new thread. The forums are more searchable / usable when they are organized by topic.

    There are two ways you can get your thumbnails to appear on imbalance2.

    One, choose a featured image. That is the one which will appear above an automatically truncated part of your text/post.
    Two. Use the custom excerpt function to place your picture with text you write as a summary of the post.

  9. Thank you for your reply. I have thumbnails on the front page and I have chosen feature images for each post however when you click on the Archives page, it is simply text links as opposed to thumbnail links. I used the code [archives] for that page, is that not correct? Or am I misunderstanding the theme and having thumbnails on that Archive page not possible? When I click on the drop down menu in the bottom footer for Archives, and choose a month, there are thumbnails but I wanted a complete archive page w/ thumbnails as well.

  10. When you choose a month, you view a dynamic posts page the way the theme displays it (either full posts or excerpts). The archives shortcode is just a quick way of creating a list of simple links to your posts - no thumbnails.

  11. Oh I see. So there isn't a way to accomplish this: in the free version? She has customized her archive page herself then?

  12. That's not a posts archive, it's just a gallery of images.
    You can create a page with thumbnails that link to your posts, but you have to do it manually (and update it manually each time you publish a new post).

  13. Oh I see. You have been so helpful, thank you very much.

  14. And my information was about the display of your home / front / blogging page when (or if) you publish any posts.

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