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There is no more option to make a slideshow in a post

  1. Yesterday there was an opporunity to make a slide show with the downloaded images in the post.
    Today this function has changed.
    Firstly I didn't recognize the buttom "insert media"
    then I found out strangely organized list of imeges that I downloaded earlier.
    And now there is buttoms "insert to the post" and "insert gallerie" and no buttom "insert slideshow".
    It is essential to me to make a slideshow not only gallerie...

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same problem for me! Exactly the same.
    My blog is and I don't recognize the button and the options either. Thanks in advance for your help!

  3. Yes, it appears that with the change to the Image Uploader the "Insert Slideshow" option is missing. I will tag this for Staff attention.

    Until the button comes back, you can simply type the following in your post or page after you've uploaded your images.

  4. I love this new interface for the media gallery but the slideshow functionality is a negative. I can't figure out how to organize the order of the photos anymore. Any one have a clue?

  5. You can change the order by dragging and dropping the images in the Gallery interface.

  6. Thanks for reporting this issue with the slideshow, I'll investigate.

    In the meantime, you can use the shortcode as justjennifer posted above.

    I'll keep you posted.

  7. I've tried using the [slideshow] shortcode to insert a slideshow into a post/page, but it doesn't show up when I publish it. (The code is always there where I go back to edit, though.) Anyone else have this problem?

  8. same here ;)

  9. @euphreana - Hm, just tested it again on my test site without problem.

    Remember, unlike the Gallery, images in a slideshow must be uploaded (attached) to the post or page where you want them to appear. You can't select random images and then use the Slideshow shortcode. After you are done uploading the images, you can go ahead and insert the Gallery and then change the shortcode that appears in the post to [slideshow]`

  10. Correction: "you can't select random images" from the Media Library...

  11. euphreana & lilmaouz - could you please provide links to the slideshows on your site that aren't displaying correctly so I can take a look? Even if you've made the posts into drafts, I'll be able to see them. Thanks.

  12. rant/
    Staff, please, please stop whatever it is that is changing the post format to something other than what I selected when I wrote the post. I know well enough to decide what post format I want to use. Thank you.

  13. Okay ^^ thank you, justjennifer, everything's alright now

    ( and thank you dear wordpress, nice update ^^ lol ;)

  14. it's a private blog, kathrynwp, but it's showing up now, thank you :)

  15. Justjennifer -

    Staff, please, please stop whatever it is that is changing the post format to something other than what I selected when I wrote the post. I know well enough to decide what post format I want to use. Thank you.

    This sounds frustrating, but I'm not sure what you mean. If this is unrelated to the slideshow issue, would you mind starting a new thread with a few examples and modlooking it so I can investigate? Many thanks.

    lilmaouz - glad your slideshow is working now, thanks for letting me know.

  16. Kathryn, here's a previous forum thread, now closed, on the subject.

  17. larjeantradgard

    Aaaaah, very frustrating this thing with the missing slideshow option.
    Writing [slideshow] in the post helps to make one, but I found it impossible to arrange the pictures by the suggested "drag and drop" method.

    Please, please fix the slideshow option!

  18. Our developers are working on a fix for the slideshow issue. I don't have an ETA, but I'll keep you posted here.

    justjennifer - thanks for the link. I'll have look into this.

  19. thelongweekender

    Like everyone else, I'm distressed about the slideshow button being gone from the media uploader. I was able to add a slideshow by placing [slideshow] in my post, BUT, I can't change the order of my photos. When I try to rearrange them, the media uploader doesn't keep track of my changes, so now my photos are out of order. Please help!


  20. thelongweekender

    Any word on when the slideshow option will be back up and running? I have a slideshow published right now that is in the wrong order, and there is NO WAY to reorder the photos. This is super frustrating, so any updates would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  21. glensbirdonawire

    another frustrated slideshow user..hope it can be fixed soon?......

  22. I thought i had lost my mind! It was there yesterday and now it is gone. I have tried everything and have spent hours trying to change the order of images, guess I should've checked here earlier. Just adding my name to the list, thanks for your help.

  23. And now the Support doc has been updated to note that you will have to (hopefully only for a little while) add the slideshow shortcode manually after uploading your images.

  24. thelongweekender

    So there's still no way to reorder your slideshow photos? Is this something that's being fixed or is this the new normal? Thanks so much.

  25. Today is November 30 and I was releaved to read all the above posts!
    We hadn't updated our website since May, so when I came in to rearrange our photos in the slideshow, I was freaked to see everything different—no control.

    Scary, I thought I was loosing my mind; and I don't have time for that. whew.
    OK. Sounds like this is an IN HOUSE problem and will be addressed soon. Great, because our wordpress site represents our business and we count on the efficiency of WordPresses staff.
    Let's rally around this one!!

  26. mbstonemason - you can still use the slideshow until Staff fix this. You just have to type the code manually in your post
    [slideshow] after you upload your images to the same post where you want the slideshow to appear. See the Support doc I pointed to above.

  27. We do intend to bring back the "Insert slideshow" option and its associated features. While I don't have an ETA, I'll keep everyone posted here as I know more. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

    We've updated the instructions for adding a slideshow to reflect the new process.

  28. So there's still no way to reorder your slideshow photos?

    While there isn't a way to reorder existing slideshows, there are two ways to set the order on a new slideshow:

    Method 1

    • Add slideshow images to the Media Library
    • Attach each image one by one to the post
    • Add your slideshow shortcode to the post
    • The images will display in the same order you attached them to the post

    Method 2

    • Add images one at a time to a post using the Add Media button
    • Wait until one image is done uploading before uploading the next one
    • Add your slideshow shortcode to the post.
    • The images will display in the same order you uploaded them to the post
  29. hahaha thank you!
    However; why did WordPress fix something that wasn't broken?

    I'm sure you know how long this is going to take me, since I had about 100 pix uploaded showcasing my projects. I'm a stonemason, not a computer whiz.

  30. blueplumblossomsdecoded

    does it typing manually would work? I have never try it before. thank you for the suggestion, I do copying from my old post.

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