There is no option to add Widgets under Presentation

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    How can I add Widgets if there is no option for that on my Presentation menu?



    Some themes don’t support sidebar widgets.

    You’ll have to change your theme to one that does.


    Thank you :)

    Now, if I could just figure out why my picture doesn’t show on other WordPress blogs…



    It depends on what theme they are using.

    Some themes have pictures in comments, others don’t.

    For example, my theme (Sandbox) doesn’t include avatars (the pictures) in comments.



    Welcome to wordpress. :)
    Also note that there is a time delay when it comes to displaying avatars. They show up first here in the forum and in the other locations later on. Also note that posting only one topic per thread in keeping with the title of the thread is best practice when it comes to getting answers quickly, for example this thread is presumably about widgets and not about avatars. :)

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