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There is no permalink module in my dash board

  1. Hi since yesterday i am stuck with permalink option, i want to locate where is permalink, i Google a lot, all these tutorials are telling go to settings and click permalink but i don't have permalink in my entire blog i have searched at each and every place, moreover what version of word press i am using i also checked the page source--- meta-name= generator, but there was only mentioned word press but not the version, please help. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. That's because the option only exists at WordPress.ORG, not WordPress.COM. More info on that question here:

  3. Forgot your other question, sorry. As a WordPress.COM blogger, you are automatically using the latest version which is 3.1.

  4. Thanks dear for answering , so its sure that i wont be able to set my permalinks.Any other thing which i can do for search engine optimization?

    More over please tell me if i am using word cant i change the footer copy right option.

  5. No you cannot change permalink structure in a free blog from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM. If ypu want that kind of control you have to fire a webhost and self host a free install from wordpress.ORG.

    Also note that you cannot change the footer without purchasing an annually renewable CSS editing upgrade and doing the work your self >

  6. LOL :D I typed "fire" when I meant to type "hire" above.

  7. @wealthze, the permalink structure here is very SEF so don't worry about it. If you want to change the post or page slug on the URLs, you can do that from within the post and page editor, but a word of caution, never change it after the post has been published as it will create 404 not found errors for the search engines.

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