There is now an “archives” shortcode

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    Now, if that is wrong and funny, please don’t laugh out loud. I embarrass easily :)


    OK, I’m getting, “Sorry that page does not exist” which means it has not yet been published.

    The code you are using is fine, but try putting the code into the HTML tab in the editor instead of into the visual tab. I tried it on my test blog with the theme you are using and it worked. Also, you might want to turn comments off for that page so that the comments section is not at the end of the page.


    Also, if you copied and pasted the code from the support page, that can and will cause issues. Type the code into the HTML tab instead of copying and pasting. The support pages contain codes with the examples that will keep things from working right if copied and pasted.


    Ok, I will go and try that. But it did say that the page was published. Strange.
    I will come back to report.


    Make sure and give the page a title also.


    Thank you for all your help and your time, Richard.
    It worked but only after I actually gave the page a name as well. I am somewhat slow. Yay


    You’re very welcome, and you are not slow, you are just learning.


    Hey bubel, I just sent in a request to support to have a category option added to the archive shortcode. I can see times when that would be quite useful.


    I heard back from Nick and he states that it would be difficult to add categories as an option with the archives shortcode since the function used does not have a category parameter to filter by, but that they may add that in the future.



    I’m so looking forward to the category option. I also wished for postbypost display filtered by period, but I guess I’m just asking too much.


    Hi, I use Mistylook theme on my blog and I’d like to use the Shotcodes-archives as widget (text). If I choose default option (html) it works fine but my post’s list is too long… so if I try the format=option to use drop-down menu it exceed on the right sidebar and I can’t see scrollbars. You can see on my blog: at the bottom of the right sidebar (name: “Tutti i post”). Problem seen with Firefox 3.52, IE6 and Chrome
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance



    Your blog titles are too long. It could be fixed if you had the CSS upgrade, though.


    ok, I see. thanks!

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