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  1. "Subscribe to Blog via Email

    There was an error when subscribing, please try again."

    New user and does not work.

    Please advise..
    Blog url:

  2. Which version of Jetpack are you using?

  3. Jetpack 1.2.1

  4. Would you mind checking to see if the error still occurs?

  5. Yes, error still happening... :-((

  6. U can test yourself at

  7. Do you have any luck if you temporarily switch to the Twenty Eleven theme?

  8. Sorry but I am NOT interested in screwing around with themes.
    That is why I am using the WordPress default theme.

    Clearly you guys have not bothered to do any testing...

  9. We're looking into this. Thanks for reporting the problem and for being persistent! We'll let you know as soon as we have any new information.

  10. We believe the issue has been fixed. I apologize for the hassle.

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