There's no " Post Comment" button in the blog

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    Member “sorry i don’t know how to post a picture”
    but that what I get and everyone who try to comment
    and it looks like it’s only in this blog my other blogs r just fine
    plz help



    We need a link to a post on the blog where this is happening.


    Why are you posting to thw support forum with w tumblr image issue? Is this image in blog content that you imported from Tumblr into a free hosted blog? If so then post the URL for the free hosted blog starting with http:// If it’s not then post to Tumblr support.


    Aha! I Is this the blog that image is in?
    See here >



    In this blog
    and sorry about why am i using tumblr i’m not really a pro or whatsoever in this thing’s but i was planning to upload it from my Storage Space in wordpress but it was full >< so i didn’t know where to upload it i just toke a screen shoot of the commenting problem and uploaded the picture


    There’s no ” Post Comment” button in the blog

    This page > Settings > Discussion
    Discussion settings is where you set up defaults for comments.
    We can also override the default settings and enable or disable future comments on any post or page.

    Note: By default, new blogs on will have the Discussion hidden. You can reveal it by clicking on Screen Options on the top right corner of your Admin page, and checking the box that says Discussion so the module is included.


    Also note that unless you use P2, a twitter-like theme comments are collapsed on the front page of your blog where our posts are “showcased”. The way the comments function is coded into the core of WordPress and we cannot chnage this. By clicking the post title or the comments link the posts on the front page open on their own page where all comments display.

    The reason for this structure is that in a new blog one does not have many posts or comments. In an established blog if the comments did not collapse on the front page it would become a mile long in no time flat and page loading time is a page ranking factor. We have only seconds before visitors refuse to wait and click out.

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