There`s Something (wrong) About Scheduled Entries

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    Has anyone here ever had a problem with Scheduled Entries or the timestamp option ?

    When you have written your post, you can edit the ‘Post Timestamp’ box. You check this and you enter the date and time that you want the post to actually appear on your blog.

    Once you have done this, you click ‘Publish’ and, supposedly, post will then be held until the date and time you choose.

    But it wont!

    There’s something wrong about this because all week I’m having this problem over and over again.

    In example, I edited this post to be on blog at 8am, 09.12.06. When I checked blog at 12pm, 09.12.06 there was no 8am, 09.12.06 post. So I go to edit post just to doublecheck the Post Timestamp box. Everything is just as planned: 8am, 09.12.06, but, hey, it’s 12pm, 09.12.06!

    And, by the way, “Scheduled Entries” says post will be debuting in my blog in 4 hours, so finally my post will be posted 8 hours late!

    Please notice that my local time is doublechecked against server’s (in Options!) and never had this problem.

    Please help! Am I doing something wrong? I mean, this is very unpleasant and frustrating, not only for me but for my readers! I can`t trust WordPress’s “blog to the future” system anymore!

    Thanks in advance!



    See this thread. You are not alone.



    Marked resolved since it’s a dupe thread.



    ryan, drmike


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