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These stats can't be right?

  1. Normally I get between 50 and 100 views per day. On the 9th of September a community-site I'm involved with ( re-launched their front page putting my blog fairly front-and-center and I got 636 and 701 views on the 9th and 10th respectively, then the weekend came and things calmed down.

    Then on September 15th... 9471 hits. September 17: 12684... and so on. Most of it from While that seems nice and all, it doesn't really match what we're seeing on the origin-site, nor do I see any significant increase in comments or spam, which I would have expected.

    Can anyone help me out with a sanity check here? I'm sure I could dig deeper at "our" end, but I'm fairly sure this can't be precise.

    - Kristian

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm afraid I can't give you any insight except the following: an issue is when they go up; a PROBLEM is when they go down.

  3. raincoaster....

    If the stats aren't reliable, then they are useless. If your stats said 0 or they said 100000000000000 they would be equally useless because you would know them to be incorrect. Stats that are incorrect is in fact a problem, regardless of whether the numbers they show are inflated or not.

  4. Then you should attempt to resolve it by contacting staff, as volunteers in the forum cannot tell you if the stat changes reflect real usage patterns or not.

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