Thesis Theme Suggestion & Inuit type sidebar color variants

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    Hi Theme Team,
    I love all the new theme you guys have been churning out. Very innovative ad creative. While i love those theme, I dont see myself putting them on my blog. At the moment I have Inuti type and am moderately satisfied with it.
    I was wondering if you could consider adding The Thesis Theme in some form to the themes. I know the thesis theme is highly clean and customizable, and I get that so many customizations might not be possible here on, but still some version of it would do.
    Please think about it.
    Also while I’m at it…is it possible to get in some sidebar pastel color variants for inuti type theme?

    The blog I need help with is



    The Thesis theme is not free and definitely not licensed in a way that would make it possible to use on, unfortunately.

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