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&they say she's in the class A team; Stuck in her day dream

  1. So I thought I'd create a post where I'll post updates from my blog like some others have done... Just to sum it up in a relatively small amount of words, its a page where I literally share whatever pops into my head, from relationship problems (and trust me there's a lot), fashion inspiration to just plain random ramblings. This whole blog malarkey has turned into a bit of an obsession! So Im always looking to try something new... Have a read if you'd like to enter the mind of a not so normal 19-year-old

    SmudgeLove Boom!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No so normal? Sounds like a normal 19 year old to me :P and any topic starting with F*ck a duck is definitely getting my attention!

  3. Haha, maybe I am normal... Thats a scary thought though!!

  4. there's nothing normal about blogging, ; )
    especially sense half the 19 year olds are glued to facebook!

  5. Sunday Morning Blues

    New post... Not the best feeling I've woken up to in a while

  6. Fight for Your Right
    Let the battle commence! Wish me luck ♥

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