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They violates copyright!

  1. Brand new blog obviously copies content from my blog, - see pages named 'Ana' and 'Ezel' on their blog ( & ) and on my blog ( & ). It pisses me off because I invested a lot of effort. What can I do? I'd like someone to warn them and if someone delete their blog. Thanks a lot!

    Sorry for bad english, I'm from Croatia.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you are logged in go to the blog in question and click on "Blog Info" in the top bar - "Report as Spam" will let you file a complaint with the Terms of Service people - they take these things very seriously.

    There are some other things you can do but I have lost the links - the above is a good start.

    good luck

  3. Thank you so much!
    I hope the problem will be solved.

  4. Also, you might want to take a look at this.

  5. If you follow the instructions, either the problem will be solved or the blog will be deleted by staff. They take such things very seriously.

  6. My blog is about Television and I get promo materials on my e-mail from Press service of Croatian TV channel's. Therefore, I'm on their mailing list.
    So text and photos are not in my property (ownership), but I have permission to use them. Otherwise, I am a journalist of Croatian TV guide named "TV Obzor" so I get press materials and publish them on my blog Moja TV.
    Sorry for bad english, but I hope that you understand me.
    If this second blog (teve8log) has no permission to publish materials from Croatian TV channels like i have, at least they should put the source from which he copied...right?

  7. No.

    Those are not your materials. You do not have copyright. This is not your issue, and you have basically no legal standing.

  8. Well, maybe they are on the mailing list too and if they are, then they are just basically the same thing that you are doing.

  9. Generally being on a mailing list doesn't come with permission to repost or republish the content of the email.

    Just sayin'

  10. @ thesacredpath, that's right.

  11. @raincoaster Ok, you have the right.
    @shoesaddiction No, there are not on the mailing list, I know (through internet) that boy who have that blog and he copies materials from all specialized Croatian TV sites.
    You know, guys, our TV Networks (Croatian) doing all for promote their own TV canals. It's not like your NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, The CW etc. who are popular in almost whole world :)

    However, he deleted their blog.
    Greetings & thanx for all of U!

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