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Thin white line on my header image, Twenty Eleven

  1. I've changed my header image after 1 year, but there is now a thin white line at the top of every image I upload as a header. How can I fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you have a CSS upgrade for editing your theme? It looks like the theme you're using in line 37 of style.css says:
    border-top: 3px solid #BBBBBB;

    If you can edit this file, delete that line. :)

    If you cannot edit the style.css file, try changing your website's background to #BBBBBB or use a header image which has the same color at the top as #BBBBBB.

  3. Hi, thanks so much! I don't have the upgrade but at least I know what the problem is now. Another reason to finally get the upgrade.

  4. You're welcome!

    I've been wanting to get the upgrade too but it seems expensive just for my fangirl blog. :)

    (By the way, the cake on your latest post is gorgeous!)

  5. Thank you! I checked your blog, I've never heard of Kdrama laws before! :) Now following xx

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