Things that I’ve observed going on here…

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    I just became a user of a couple of days ago. So far the random blogs I’ve visited seem to be by bloggers from the United States. Also, usually the links on the WordPress main page (the page you get after you’ve logged in) are for political blogs. So I was just curious, is this service being used mainly by Americans ( created by an American company)? Or is the membership here pretty diverse?
    And would I be an ‘outsider’ if I don’t blog about politics at all? I’m assuming the many links to political blogs are due to the recent presidential election, and it still being a highly discussed and blogged about today.
    Lastly, is it normal for strangers to leave a comment about an article or post you wrote? I seem to lack blogging etiquette. I hope you can enlighten me a little! Thanks :)



    I’ve seen just about everything here at WordPress… so blog what’s natural to you.

    I’m from Canada, Saskatchewan. There are bloggers from all over the world on WordPress.

    Many people read and never comment, but yet everyone loves comments, so do leave them wherever you feel you’d like to and I’m sure the blogger will appreciate it.

    And lastly… Welcome!



    Maybe I’m just new, haven’t been exploring enough to see that it’s pretty diverse here. Thanks for the reply, and I’ll be sure to leave comments round and about!



    I blog on needlework…..get several comments a day and just have fun. I get comments from all over the world. It is amazing. Glad to have you join in.



    And people blog in their own languages too, so the platform is pretty diverse. However, I still think each bloggers are on their own islands, i.e, there aren’t that many (or, up to date) ‘social-networking’ feature available just yet; perhaps it may change when they introduce buddypress, been waiting for long.

    BTW, you may have annoyed the SupportGods here by asking non-support question.



    All happy here :)

    And politics? It’ll go eventually and the usual mix will come back.

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