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Things That Piss Me Off.

  1. This website is about, well, things that piss me off. I’ve been seeing tons and tons of things around me that just makes me want to rage. I figured that blogging would be the best way to do so without landing in prison so, here I am. I’ll try to write articles that will relate to the people who read it. Who knows, you may share a similar experience.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I checked it out and loved it!

  3. dreamlivedream

    Love your honesty and frankness. Great idea : )

  4. i like it, you should check out the english journalist charlie brooker he's quite similar to you in style x

  5. Hey thanks for the nice comments guys. :)
    I'll take a look at him as well, missquotes.

  6. Things That Piss Me Off #9 – Television Shows

    "In my opinion, it seems all television shows nowadays are the same. Different location, different people, same bullshit. I cannot watch anything without it mentioning some bullshit about saving the planet, saving a loved one, saving a baby rabbit, the list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter the genre, it’s all the same shit for each category."

  7. I enjoyed reading some of your rants, funny stuff. I haven't had a chance to read them all but I will when I get a chance. Nice job. You're also welcome over to Atomic Gator anytime for a nice laugh.


  8. You had me with the title of your blog. And indeed. Things piss me off daily as well and yes, blogging seems way better than screaming in rage to avoid prison. Looking forward to see how much we have in common with things that set us off. Heh.

  9. Thanks for the comments and I hope you guys keep on reading. I'll be sure to check out your blogs as well.

  10. Things That Piss Me Off #10 – Time
    "Hooray! 10th entry anniversary! What better way to celebrate this by ranting by one of the most hated yet loved things of all time? (No pun intended.) Time. Time, time, time. At times, it saves our asses, and at other times, it screws the very same asses it saved."

  11. Things That Piss Me Off #11 - People Who Slack Yet Gain Same Success
    "I know everyone has run into this type of person, whether it be at work or school, and it pisses me off to levels beyond imagination. At work, it's always the person that punches in late, late to turn in work, is always caught sleeping on the job, taking extended breaks, and this douche bag never seems to get caught."

  12. Your posts are very interesting, from what I skimmed through I think you're very entertaining as well. Subscribed to you, and will be reading your blogs as often as I get on wordpress.

    Also, nice avatar. haha

  13. Thanks for the nice comments. :)

    Things That Piss Me Off #12 – People That Take Things And Never Return Them

    ""Hey man, can I borrow your lawn mower?" your neighbor asks. "Sure." you reply, thinking, "Well hey, he's my neighbor. We've been good friends for a long time, so why not?" So, you let him use it. Most of the time, this is a big fucking mistake."

  14. Things That Piss Me Off #13 – Elderly Drivers

    "Isn't there some type of law that restricts fossils from driving on the road? I swear to God, one of these ancient people will be the death of me. One of them will fall asleep at the wheel, and cause a 85 car pile up, with me and my car being on the bottom."

  15. Things That Piss Me Off #14 – Bullshit Remedies That The News (Mostly Fox) Talk About

    "I guess the news nowadays will say anything to keep people tuned in. They constantly shove all these bullshit findings down out throats. Most of the things they probably say aren't even really true, it's just been "theorized" or experimented by college students at some college no one has heard of. Such things include: "Wiping your ass with hot sauce can cure caner!""

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