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things that piss me off

  1. people who ask a question on the forum and then delete their blog.

    What pisses you off?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When random people follow you, but never like or comment on a single post of yours.

  3. When someone leave a comment on one of my post, written like this;

    "Nice post. Please visit my blog and leave a comment."

  4. The squirrel who keeps digging in the plant pot.

  5. When Blogger platform for commenting is a pain in the azz to comment because I have to register for OpenID, etc.

    I no longer bother now. I'm tired of too many log-in requirements for different platforms, forums,etc. You have to realize I had a job which demanded teaching people on licensed purchased databases where I had a myriad of passwords, IDs just for myself as the instructor.

    Sorry, in my personal life..there's a limit.

  6. People who don't know their own email addresses. There's some chick in the UK who is not getting her bills from Sky TV because she gave them MY email address instead of hers. If I wanted, I could read all her banking details. And you can't contact SkyTV unless you sign in using the user ID they sent you, which I don't want to read because it's none of my business.

  7. People who are complete idiots. and 99% of idiots shop in the store where I work.

  8. And people who still shop in a store when theyre supposed to be closing.

    I could go on but ill stop for now.

  9. When people don't have a like button and expect for comments only. They piss off shortly.
    You sound like a sheep :)

  10. my boss is a mean old woman who reeks of bad perfume. i wish i had a better job. yuck. :(

  11. These forums and the general public.

  12. The fact that I love opera, but that I can't sing it because I was born with my father's singing talent. Or lack thereof.

  13. when a family size tea bag breaks, leaving little tea leaf grains, swimming in my just-brewed gallon of Iced Tea.

  14. @dlager That's a good one. I hate it when the stupid paper coffee filter collapses and I get a cup full of coffee grounds. yuck.

    Also that my brother can eat whatever he wants and never gain an ounce and I even THINK about a brownie and I gain 2 inches around my midsection. Stupid genes.

  15. When my editor yells at me for mistakes the OTHER editor put in my article.

  16. I like watching sports a lot and look forward to the hockey playoffs every year,but am very ticked this year with all the cheap shots to the head that are going on and the national hockey league does nothing to stop it..or very little,the players that do these cheap shots should be suspended 10 games without pay for the first cheap shot,20 games without pay for the second one..and booted out of the league for 5 years on the third at one time was a great sport,it now like watching something you would see on U F C,my opinion in this matter is if even if the head shot is accidental the player should be levied these game penalty's,just look at how many players already have been knocked from the post season and past ones by these high priced spoiled brats that think they can do anything and get away with it,most might get a one game suspension,and some maybe three to four,but yet the player that got a concussion from it is gone for a long time,keep the fights in hockey but get these dam cheap shots and players that inflict them out of the game,thank you all for listening to me rant about this and hope other sports fans feel the same way

  17. People's indifference. The deep down inside I don't care attitude. It can really get to me.

  18. People that kiss ass and play the game to be promoted instead of intelligence, competency and hard work.

  19. Websites that advocate security and then don't bother to renew their own security licenses.

  20. When people complain you are "looking too deeply" into a movie or television show because you are analyzing how it portrays beliefs and expectations that exist in society, e.g. gender roles in Twilight, in which Meyer promotes an unhealthy submissive/dominant relationship

  21. ARGH! My ex-boyfriend, who I dumped two months ago, still hasn't got off his butt and returned the books I lent him! As a book reviewer, I have issues when my books aren't returned to me.

  22. People that talk nastily about other employees who take off work when they're sick.

    "I had strep throat, an ear infection, and a temp of 103 and I still came to work."

    Well, congratulations, you're an idiot. And thanks for giving me your stupid illness so I could pass it along to my kids. Grrr.

  23. Mom fog what the heck are you chirping off about,your telling me that you like the stinking cheap shots in the national hockey league playoffs this year..sounds like you may have been hit in the head to many times if you think this is good for the not send me no more of your stupid and idiotic replies as I was stating only my point of view..

  24. thegroovinone you have obviously taken too many shots to the head.

  25. Sites that use 'compliment' ywhen they mean 'complement'.

  26. Or even, without my typo:

    Sites that use 'compliment' when they mean 'complement'.

  27. Yeah Momfog, what are you chirping off about? ;-)

    I had people who accidentally post twice in forums.

  28. Yeah Momfog, what are you chirping off about? ;-)

    I had people who accidentally post twice in forums.

  29. @tltcl - lol!!

    Good topic this, hey? ;)

    Ho hum, another thing that pisses me off:

    Sites that show you their terms of service with paragraphs that lead to other pages, ad nauseum.


  30. Some people piss me off. Bloody selfish people mostly. Grrrrrr!


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