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things that piss me off

  1. My own spelling and grammatical errors on these forums when I push the Submit button too fast. I just get careless at times.

  2. Sycophants. (or, in much cruder terms a**e creepers) People who *suck up* to the boss or anyone with the remotest claim to fame etc. Ghastly!

  3. I don't care about spelling mistakes on forums, people know what I mean half the time. :)

    @Jessie, I once met Bryan McFadden. :P

  4. @ard. Who?

  5. He was popular once. My only claim to fame.

    That and I was slapped by Coolio.

    ...Self fail.

  6. Not coming soon ... Subscribe Pop-up Option

  7. When my posts get deleted GODDAMMIT!

  8. Loud and very audible mobile phone conversations in public. Grrrrrrrrrrr! Very annoying.

  9. My 12 years old cousin told me that he have 3 fake accounts on a porn site. And his Mum and sis are aware of it Grrrrrrrr. I almost slapped him. Access of fragile chaps to the internet really pisses me off.

  10. When spell checker doesn't tell me anything about my grammatical mistakes. *that he has...

  11. People eating VERY loudly, urgh

  12. when my phone autocorrects the word "douchbag" into "spicebush"

    just doesn't sound as mean when you're calling someone a blithering spicebush...

    however, silver lining, I now have a name for my future grunge band. but I digress

  13. I'm sorry... sp correction to "douchebag" missed that silly "e"

  14. Maybe time to stop using the word "douchebag" then, it's a stupid word to begin with you silly spicebush. :P

  15. Teen blog threads and 'follow me' threads. GO AWAY!!!

  16. Lumbago. In particular the one I have at the moment.

  17. [rant]I hate visiting a blog and finding the whole front page is given over to the display of HUGE images. What the hell is prompting people to post these honking HUGE images on their blog? Do they all have honking HUGE monitors the size of drive-in movie theater screens or what? I just don't get it. [/rant]

  18. Are you sure you're not looking at a photography blog TT?

  19. @TT. It's probably an attempt to compensate for a lack in another erm, department. :D

  20. @ardpete and jessielansdel
    I wasn't clear above. What I meant is that people are uploading HUGE oversized images from their cameras (2000 pix, 3000 pix) and then expecting the software to ft these Mac track sized images into Vespa sized parking spaces and not lose any image quality.

  21. I think they just don't understand the software that has to handle their huge images, TT. The only way is to explain to them... trouble with that is that until something goes wrong, they don't know to ask!

  22. I knew what you meant TT, I was just being cheeky :)

    I shall slap my own wrists on your behalf haha

  23. What pisses me off is my insect repellent just wore off. Now I will have to read the gossip in the off-topic forum, inside.

  24. Rude and pompous trolls that follow your comments if your a new...

  25. member online. But that's the internet .

  26. You read the off-topic forum OUTSIDE?! You be crazy.

  27. Well, this makes me both sad and mad: when my giveaway (a free book, postcard, calendar and bookmark) has only one reply. I really need to lower my expectations.

  28. And insomnia. Insomnia sucks.

  29. Going away and forgetting to take my meds' with me and having withdrawal symptoms. Aaaaaaaaagh! What a plonker! :D

  30. Rude and pompous trolls that follow your comments if you're a new member on line....

    Trolls in general, and believe me we've had some corkers on here. :)

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