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things that piss me off

  1. @carrislager - maybe widen your field. Not everyone likes opera. (Just as not everyone likes rock.) Also - it's a weekend! ;)

  2. Did someone call?

  3. People who fight what should be their private battles on Facebook. Especially when their children can see what these immature twerps are writing. How awful.

  4. Lol I agree with you on that one Jessie. Or people that post just to garner attention. "I'm going to kill myself" well do it then, don't whine about it.

  5. Silly and uneducated people suggesting meaningless and most ridiculous translations in Glotpress ( for Urdu). DAMN! I have 160 strings to approve (being a validator). And those shitworthy strings worth less than a used toilet paper. PLEASE STOP DOING THIS.

  6. I so freaking angry I cannot even trust myself to type what pisses me off.

  7. Is it wrong that I read that out loud in an "Engrish" accent?

    People that have never heard of the phrase, "Google is your friend".

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