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Things You Can't See Logged In

  1. It is interesting looking at things when not logged in. Here is one that I think is well done, but never knew it existed!

  2. I think you can still see it even if you're logged in, but it's off the beaten track, ie we go our set pathways when we're logged in and don't poke around so much. I should probably bookmark it and refer newbies to it more often, though.

    The only thing I've seen when not signed in that I can't see when signed in is ads on my blog. I don't miss 'em.

  3. Ads on your blog? I don't see any if I sneak over there not logged in. ?


  4. They're not always there, says WordPress. Just sometimes; I found them on my most-popular post, so I suspect they show on the individual posts, and probably only those over some critical mass of hits. That would make sense from a maximum exposure point of view, as that's how most people get to the blogs, through searches that lead to one specific post.

  5. Gotta pay for their BBQ somehow. :)

  6. Another weird thing (the TOS treat) is gone. I might even send in a feedback!


  7. I don't see it either. It does appear that the ToS got rewritten a bit though.

  8. for the case of a BBQ attack.

  9. If that's what they live on, no wonder they're all so young: they must have a fatal infarction before turning thirty! It's like Logan's Run, with savory sauces!

  10. Those are the smallest side dishes I've even seen...

  11. well, they don't want to give the customer too many vegetables. Their system might go into shock ;)

  12. I occasional eat at a local bar that does a $8 ribeye and potatoe. I like it...

  13. I always go to the best steakhouse in every city I visit and compare them. I love the BBQ myself!


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