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Things you've never shared to anyone.

  1. It is the good time to share them to lighten your heart.
    And me:
    Once I stole RS1000 from the purse of a friend. I had returned him for something else but never told him about stealing.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm really a man.

  3. When I was five, I once slapped a girl in the face at school for being annoying. It felt really good but I regretted it 10 seconds later. Of course she had to go cry and tell the teacher.

  4. Me and a friend used to go nicking stupid things from supermarkets when we were kids. We progressed to WH Smiths and were caught pinching key rings and warned by a store detective. We were lucky to get off so lightly. We never did it again.

  5. A store detective?! O_O

    Sherlock Holmes has fallen from grace.

  6. @ard. He'd also had a sex change. It was a woman. Lol.

  7. @noirciplume In 4th grade I got in trouble for calling a boy a motherf*cker because he said girls suck. XD

  8. My bag of potato chips.

    I mean, geez, get your own. They're like 50 cents in the vending machine. I'm really hungry.

  9. @jessie Shirley Holmes? No wonder Stephen Fry called him that in the second movie!

  10. {my lips are sealed}

  11. @TT. Best way if you ask me. I can hear the Blues and Twos as we speak. Lol.

  12. rooktopia wins.

    As for me, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

  13. Lolz :)

  14. My toothbrushes, undies, and underarm roll-ons.. :)

  15. thegrumpyitguy

    I don't generally share anything.

  16. I'm a grasshopper.

  17. I have no idea what the hell pintrest is.

  18. I have absolutely no interest in pinterest.

  19. messymusings05

    Pinsterest seems like work instead of fun.

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