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  1. I really liked the colorful, simple year end status report that WP sent me when it first came out. I liked this year's as well, except for the the fact that I can't edit out the link that allows users, evidently, to go to my stats pages. Once in there, do they not have access to restricted features that only I should have access to?

    Tinker away geeks. I'm happy for you. I would rather have your job than mine. But please think about what you're doing. I'm talking about the kind of thinking that comes from caring because obviously you're smart people. I wish I had your programming smarts. But smart people also caused the global financial meltdown that the people, who didn't cause it, are paying for, dearly. I'm not saying that you're all in that camp. I'm just saying... care.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have visited sites where these reports have been posted and I did not gain access to the bloggers in questions stats page.

  3. Then I might be wrong. I don't know what's going on. If someone wants to clue me in, I'm all ears or eyes. In the meantime, I'm not taking any chances. That post is a gonner. It's not like I have to have it.

  4. I really don't know why you think that visitors accessing that report if it is published can gain access to your site stats page. I cannot find any way that can happen.

  5. If you are logged in you will see the Stats link as well as the share link on the link from the Post - if you are logged out the stats page link and share link go away - I just checked on a friends blog that I am admin for.

  6. ~~auxclass

    If you are logged in you will see the Stats link as well as the share link on the link from the Post

    I do hope you mean when you are logged in you can see and use those links on your own blogs but not on other blogger's blogs. Is that what you are saying?

  7. Sorry - logged in you see the share and stats links -

    Logged out no link or stats links -

    sorry about the mix-up - Should learn to proofread things better -

  8. Question re: the two links when logged in
    Do you see them only on your own blogs?
    Or do you see them on other blogger's blogs too?

  9. are you supposed to get these because i have not gotten one yet. i am a first year blogger--i started in mid october. is it possible i have not gotten one because i didn't blog the whole year? in that case i will be excited to get mine next year.


  10. Hello,
    Only some bloggers get them. The first time was last year. We don't know how they are chosen by Staff and not all bloggers who are chosen get reports for all of their blogs.

  11. ohhhhh. okay.

  12. Not to worry. Site stats data is in your dashboard so if your don't get the fancy little report you still have the same information available to you there.

  13. I don't know whether the post is retreivable. I will retreive it and then test it. I thought that it might be something along the lines of: I see links in that post that others don't. But I'm only guessing. WP has given me no heads up about these tweaks.

  14. Hello all. Okay. I retreived it from my email trash. I will select the 'make it public' option. And I'll post it. I still have to post it, it seems. But I'll do that now and then if someone wants to assure me that it's safe, I'll leave it because I do like it.

    Thanks timethief for looking into this.

  15. Have a Happy New Year, arrby. :)

  16. @arrby - I am logged into my account and just visited your site - there is NO link for me to click on to your Stats page or any way for me to share your info other than to copy the URL and send it to someone - your blog is safe - leave the Post up for your visitors.

    Have a happy new year

  17. @arrby: Only WP staff can access your dashboard. No other user can (unless you give them your login password).

  18. Ok. Why am I so jumpy!

    You good people have a happy new year too.

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