Think my site may have been hacked or compromised

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    A couple weeks ago, I noticed there was a post added to my blog that I did not write. It was saved in draft form and was not “published” to my main page/blog. I also got a stange e-mail stating that I (my full name) was now “following” my own blog/website.

    Now, I’m noticing some strange changes/apprearances to some of the text in my site. For example, quotation marks are now changed to unregonizable symbols and somtimes the text is completely cut off or just looks strange in some of my earlier posts.

    How do I go about correcting/fixing these issues?

    Thanks, Jerry

    The blog I need help with is



    Immediately change the password on your blog and in your email account. Choose new ones that are very strong.
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    I don’t see any usual activity on your blog, just a few images deleted 10 days ago a post delete 5 days ago, and no recent edits.

    Usually, if someone gains access to your blog by guessing your password, they do much more than that.

    Can you give us a link to one of the posts with the strange changes?



    Are you pasting from an outside word-processing program of some sort into your Posts?

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