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    I am considering switching my site to a self hosted site, but before I make the commitment I’d like to make sure of a few things first:

    1. I have paid for the domain registration upgrade for both of my blogs, does this mean I have registered the domain and can use it with any hosting service should I choose to move to self hosting the sites?

    2. Will all my content (posts, pages, photos) move over automatically to the self hosted site? If not, what is the best way to go about moving the content so I experience the least amount of down time possible?

    3. Will there be ads on my blog once I move over to a self hosted site?

    4. Will my followers still be able to follow my blog or will I lose my followers once I move over to a self hosted site?

    The blog I need help with is


    1. You can point the domain you have purchased to the new web host easily by changing the nameservers. The new web host will provide those for you.

    2. That will have to be moved over by you by exporting your content/photos/etc., from here and then importing it into the new site. See this support document. There is also a guided transfer service that offers, but they will not be back to doing them until April 10th, if I remember right. Do note that any unattached photos you may have in your site here will not be taken over. Only attached photos.

    3. Not unless you, yourself, place ads on it. You will be in complete control.

    4. If you install the Jetpack plugin on your new site, staff can transfer your subscribers over to the new site for you.



    Thank you for the quick reply. I should have added in my original post that I don’t speak tech, so only half of what you said many any sense to me.

    1. I haven’t signed up for a hosting service yet, it seemed rather redundant to do that before I decided to make the change. One of the first questions they are asking me on the sign up page is whether I “own” the domain, and if I do, to enter it in a little box. Do I do that, or do I have to re register the domain at an additional cost?

    2. This I get, I’ve done it before, so no need for the guided transfer at this point in time.

    3. Yay! I despise ads and this is one of the biggest reasons I am thinking of changing over.

    4. Jetpack? WTH is this, and is it going to cost money?



    3) You can get rid of the Ads here with the No ads upgrade – $ 30.– / year

    4) JetPack – Free – – it is a Plug-in – written by WordPress.COM to give many of the Features that are built into a WordPress.COM blog

    1) You don’t need to register twice – you would enter your custom domain name you purchased here – – but lets let @TSP weigh in here on the sequence and if you would need to use some sort of temp address at your new site while you get it set up and do the Export / Import thing –


    1. Yes, you would enter that in the box. You do not have to register another domain, or re-register your current domain. You can leave the domain here and keep paying for the registration at $5 per year, which is an incredible bargain. You will always have access to the domain side of things here so that you can administer the domain and nameservers.

    2 & 3. All good then.

    4. No, Jetpack is a free plugin created by Automattic ( to bring some of the unique features here to self-hosted sites. All you have to do is to install it and then connect it to the account that has the subscribers on it here. All very easy.



    Thank you thank you thank you! Where do I go to get the plugin?



    Not sure what the exact procedure to install plugins is, but they are here:
    it is through the dashboard i believe.
    I use DreamHost for my Apache server. They have a 1-click install for wordpress and are a wordpress partner. they handle server maintenance and security and wordpress upgrades for you if you use the Hosted (standard) as opposed to Virtual Private Server option.
    There are rather a lot of options in the panel for a non-linux geek, but you only need one or two and their docs are good and webchat with real support people is instant response (free).


    Once you get the wordpress installation done at your web host, and get your domain name pointed at the new web host, it will take about 24 hours for the domain propagation to complete. After it has stabilized, go to plugins > add new in the dashboard of the new site and type “jetpack” into the search box and it will come up at the top. Click the install button and then after it installs, click the “activate” link and then it will tell you you need to connect to the account. Make sure you are also logged into the account your subscribers are on and then you are done.

    Make a new post in the support forum here requesting that staff transfer your subscribers and give them the new URL and then probably within 24 hours or less, it will be done.



    THANK YOU!!! I was able to make the switch with relatively few difficulties and sent a message to the staff requesting they transfer my subscribers.

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