Third column (right-hand) of Totals, Follows, and Shares box missing

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    Hello. Please help. I have the same problem today that I had yesterday. The entire third column (right-hand one) of my Totals, Follows and Shares box on my Stats page is missing. It not only does not have anything under the categories that are usually listed there, the category names are even missing (for example, not only are the three Twitter followers that I still have missing, but the word Twitter isn’t even there, even though it’s still connected). What is wrong, and how can I connect this? (P. S. I notice by looking through the forums that some other people are having other problems with the stats page, but I can’t see anyone having problems with this specifically, nor could I find where the question had been answered). Thanks if you can help.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you disconnect/reconnect, or publish something out to Twitter via Publicize, your numbers will be refreshed.



    Hi! Beau
    You can put a sticky post about it to avoid flooding in the forums.

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