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THIRD TIME posting this: Cannot Find My Published Posts - please respond!

  1. I have two posts that were published, commented to, and now cannot be found except in the incomplete draft stage.

    The posts titles are "Embracing Change" and "Better Living Through Chemistry". The blog is

    Thank you for your help in getting these important, published posts back! If I cannot get help with this, I will have to move my blog to a different service.

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've added a modlook to this thread so staff can investigate what is going on. Please subscribe so you will be notified of a response.

  3. I am subscribed, thank you for your message.

    These posts chronicle my progress in dealing with cancer, with the intent to help others; losing them would be quite painful!

    I look forward to what I hope are found blog posts!

  4. Can you see those posts on your dashboard?
    or is it this:

    (your username doesn't seem to link to your blog:
    How to make your name link to your blog:
    Go into your dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to 'Account Details'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.)

  5. Thank you for your question - my primary concern at this point is the "NotesfromCissy" blog, and I can only see the draft versions of these posts - not the published versions.

    What else can I do on my end to resolve this?

    Thanks again!

  6. I checked Google and the published versions were not indexed.

  7. What are the implications of the lack of indexing?

  8. If I were you, then I'd copy the drafts to a plain text editor on your computer.

    In the post editor (in your dashboard), switch to the "text" (code) editor, select all. Then paste the code into a plain text editor on your computer.

    TextEdit on Macs. Save.

    Then be patient for staff assistance.

  9. Lack of indexing just means you won't be able to copy the source code from the posts on Google, Bing, Yahoo, et al to recover the lost posts.

    But if you can see them as drafts, then you can save them onto your computer.

  10. Hi cissybeasley,

    I'm very sorry to hear you're running into this issue. I can imagine this is very frustrating for you.

    In terms of your previous content, all that we have right now is whatever versions are in your revisions list. Have you checked through those to see if your final content is in any of those drafts, or tried republishing the draft posts?

  11. Thank you for your message - I have looked through everything, and even clicked on a link to the published post that was sent to someone on my subscriber list; up came something to the effect that the link led nowhere.

    Now, when I click on the Facebook posts that did once refer people to the published blog posts, now they lead to the incomplete draft versions, which have not been published.

    In all, I have published seven posts to which people have left comments; my dashboard, however, shows I only have five published posts.

  12. @cissybeasley
    Please allow me to cut to the chase.

    If and only if the post was created on the dashboard of your own blog at Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Add New then you ought to be able to recover a lost post or page from revisions if needs be.
    See also if applicable > restoring from trash

    But if the post was created here!/post/ there is no means of recovery as the auto-save is not functioning there.

    Always create your posts on the dashboard of your own blog at
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Add New
    The auto-save works there and the post will be Standard post format unless you change it.

    Do not create posts here >!/post/ where the auto-save is not working and where you are creating an Aside post format.

    Use an offline blog editor so you have backups on your own computer

  13. Hi cissybeasley,

    I see the posts in Draft mode.

    Have you tried republishing either post? I'd be curious to know if your comments remain attached and if the system reposts to Facebook or not.

    In any event, what is currently showing up in your Dashboard as the current draft (or your previous revisions) is all that we have, so if there's content missing, I'm very sorry about that, as I have no way of recovering it.

  14. So, publishing a post doesn't mean it has been saved, anywhere? Last time I revised my most recent post, I did so in the dashboard area, and saved it. Now it is gone.

    It would have been highly useful to be made aware of the non-functioning auto-save situation; had I known that in advance, I would never have composed anything in a place where it would evaporate after being published.

  15. The posts are there, but listed as drafts. You should be able to republish them.

    Autosave is also functioning just fine, but we do caution people not to rely on it exclusively. I recommend doing manual saves from time to time.

  16. @jackiedana
    When did the autosave feature at!/post/ get fixed please? We Volunteers are not aware of it having been fixed.

  17. Those are not the final form of the posts I actually published. There was a great deal more content. I will have to re-write them from memory.

  18. @timethief, sorry, I was referring to the regular autosave in the post editor window, but the autosave feature does work at!/post/ as well (I just tested it to confirm). In other words, at this time both autosave features do work, but once again, it's always good to do a manual save (or paste from another document) if the post will be long, since internet interruptions and computer malfunctions can cause a loss of content.

    @cissybeasley, I really cannot explain what may have happened here. I've not run into any situations where published posts are reverting to previous drafts.

    If you go to and find these posts, and to the right click on "View post" is that content just the incomplete draft as well, or is that the final post content?

    Please also let me know what happens when you republish a post.

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