Thirteen theme – Paragraph spacing is weird

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    Hi there!

    I started another blog, , and I’m having problems with paragraph/line spacing within unordered lists and blockquotes.

    My static/opening page on my blog shows what I mean; each separate bulleted item in the list <i>should</i> have an empty line separating it from the next item on the list.

    What I want is this:

    • Hi there!
    • How are you?

    And What I am getting is this minus the nice spaces in between the bulleted items:

    • Hi there!
    • How are you?

    Since I’ve done this sort of formatting before on a different blog with a different theme, I’m thinking that maybe this is a theme problem, but I’m not positive.

    Can someone help me?



    You could try inserting <br> twice between lines. This works for me on my blog in my text widgets. Hopefully it will work for you too.



    Rather than <br> use <br />.

    I know it’s a pedantic change, but the second one is XML correct. ;o)



    All righties then! I’ll give that a shot! o^^o I keep forgetting it’s XML; whooops. ^^;;;

    BTW, got any ideas why the formatting works on one theme and not another?

    Edit: Aaaaaand nope. The <br/> doesn’t work, either. ^^;;;



    Close the li’s with </li>‘s. What you’re doing is adding a layer into it instead of making a new item.

    Get rid of the <br />‘s and the </p>‘s you have in there.

    That’s probably it as I just did a test page and it looks fine to me.

    Here’s what the code should look like:

    <br />
    <li>Hypocrisy and hypocrites bug the **** out of me.</li>
    <li>Teens and twenty-somethings and anyone else who spends 90% of their time getting plastered or high bug the shit out of me.</li>

    Hope this helps,



    All righties, I’ll go and try that.

    Edit: Nooope. It doesn’t work, either. The line spacing is still the same.

    Maybe this is just a quirk of this particular theme? I’ve used this same formatting minus the </li> or <br/> on a different theme and it worked fine.

    Here’s where I used the list formatting elsewhere and it looks fine:



    Anyone got any ideas? *gently nudges the topic in hopes that someone else might know*



    If you’re trying to add spacing (called padding) between the lines, then you would have to edit the CSS for the theme which you can’t do here. (If you did it, it would change the theme for everybody else using it.)



    But I thought the line padding should just be a simple in HTML or a <br/> in XML? Or just a matter of hitting ‘enter’ twice (which is what I did on a different entry on a different layout)?

    Or is this really just a bug in the theme itself that doesn’t parse line padding as it normally should?

    Sorry for all the questions. I’m still relatively new to WP.

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