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This blog has AdSense


    I noticed that this blog has adsense in the top, how was that done exactly?

  2. Interesting. There are a few people, namely WP developers and a few other "special people" that have access to the code to add things like Adsense (and various other coding tricks) but don't beliee that blog owner is one of them.

  3. The script was inserted into the Tagline field under "Options." It's easy -- view the source on the guy's blog and copy and paste the code between [div class="description"] [/div] into your tagline and, depending on what theme you're using, adsense will appear on your blog too.

    For some reason, [script] is allowed in Tagline. Though maybe not for long...

  4. Script is allowed in Tagline, that's interesting. It prolly won't be for long, I gues.

  5. I agree it's an interesting hack, but it's also very ugly to tell the truth. If it only works using a blogs tagline it would destroy any themes design.

    Hardly worth the pennies involved in ad revenue.

  6. I blocked Adsense - so I can't see any of them! :)

  7. I don't see AdSense on it. Hmmm, I wonder if it got removed.....

  8. I expect so. After what happened to livejournal recently the admins will have lost no time in closing up that little loophole. Clever of the blogger to find it, though.

  9. Yup, it's been removed...

  10. *chuckle* I wonder how long it will take them to post in these forums wondering what happened. :)

  11. I bet they won't. They probably got a "nice" email from the developers shortly after the loophole was closed.

  12. Well, it's not restricted in the AUP or TOS....

  13. I'll take your word for it, I haven't looked at either document. But considering all Javascript and access to templates files are restricted for security reasons it stands to reason that it was in fact a loophole and not intentionally left to exploit.

  14. I haven't looked at either document

    Neither has the rest of us. They still don't have one.

  15. *chuckle* I wonder how long it will take them to post in these forums wondering what happened. :)

    Keep wondering... :p Actually I'm still waiting for that nice letter for the admins to tell me why they've changed my blog without notice. That's just... let's say impolite

    Nevermind, I'll just leave it... don't wanna start on that!

    BTW, the guys at Automattic do a great job so I'll wait for them to release an Adsense plugin!


  16. Prolly, the site owner must have seen the hits coming from this page and must have removed it!!

  17. @Bitsofreality::

    Hope this solves all your problems... WordPress is currently not allowing Adsense and since you had discovered a loophole, it had to be removed, but yes, you could have been emailed!

  18. I said I won't get into that but here are just a few quick comments to set the record straight:
    - lacks a solid set of rules. Period. Therefore everything is arguable. That also means coercion is left to the admins' free will.
    - The loophole has been discovered and made public way before that FAQ post. Proof: adsense for tutorial. Retroactive measures were not specified.
    - There are also other blogs with Adsense via this loophole. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM whatever WHERE tagline LIKE '%<script%'
    - Contact with the community is good, avoids all this time consummed posting our ramblings here.

  19. [Insert the standard I'm not a member of WP staff disclaimer here]

    As a person who owns a webhosting company with over 1,700 clients, if I came across a client doing something that was very much against the rules, I'd pull first and then ask questions later. I have no problem with that.

    My box = my rules.

    While I've got to agree with there being a lack of any TOS and/ or AUP publically posted here, (And I've even gone in and sent feedback expressing my annoyance about it.) the fact remains that Adsence has been restricted since 12/08/2005. It's up to you to monitor what is allowed and what's not allowed on your site. *ANY* webhosting company will tell you that and probably even have it listed in their TOS/ AUP. (I do in mine for my clients, the company I lease my space from has it in theres, and I've seen it before.)

    Ignorance is not an excuse even though you think it is.


  20. "Ignorance is not an excuse even though you think it is."

    The "Well he's doing it" defense doesn't work too well either.

  21. The "Well he's doing it" defense doesn't work too well either.

    Why do I get an image of my exwife with that? *shudder*

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