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    I tried registering for a new blog with a certain name as a response to which WordPress reported – “that blog already exists!”. But when I tried opening the blog with that particular URL, the following message was displayed: “This blog has been archived or suspended”.

    What does it really mean? And if the blog is not up, why can’t we use the URL to register a new blog?



    Blog names aren’t recycled. Once it’s used, it’s gone from the available pool of names.

    The blogger who had that name previous possibly did something in violation of the TOS which led WP admins to suspend the blog.



    Thanks katm !

    It would be great if any of the admins kindly tell us why is such a policy of “not recycling the suspended URLs” is there?

    Won’t it be a significant value addition to the WordPress’s service if such suspended URLs are made available for new registerations?



    It’s a good policy, because it helps keep the pirates at bay. I made the mistake of taking down a blogspot blog last year when I moved to wordpress, and some slimy outfit snatched up the address within 24 hours, greedy for all the incoming links (it takes people a long time to change the links in their blogrolls). The more WordPress.com can keep spam bloggers at bay, the better it is for everyone blogging here.



    Without restating and reinventing the wheel….



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