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    When I maid my account i first started a blog and then deleted it and created a new blog again on the same user. So when im in the “Wiev of the blog” and try to pick on “create post” the browser says “This blog is deleted” but if i pull back on the browser i can post on the browser in the panel.
    Why is it like this? I wanna post from the overview not have to pull back and get tricky with the browser just to post..



    Hi, the same thing happened to me. Your old blog name (ex. was probably used as the dashboard, resulting in the deleted blog error. The title of your new blog (ex. is where your dashboard will be, so it would be is where your dashboard will really be. Add it to your favorites.



    Best bet would be to send this in via a feedback on Monday. There was an issue where deleted blogs weren’t totally removed from one’s account. Staff has to go in and fix this manually.

    Hope this helps,

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