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    My blog—http://lennyesq.wordpress.com/– has been declared “inactive” for an alleged unspecified violation of TOS. I have written four (4) emails to support requesting an explanation and/or reinstatement but have received no response.

    My blog is a compilation of comments by myself and other lawyers on cases, statutes, and things I find interesting about practicing law as a sole practitioner. I sometimes review legal software or related web sites, and gadgets useful in the office. I wouldn’t know SEO if it ran me over. I use a lot of excerpts with links to the full text of the main article, so if my blurb interests the reader, he or she can click on the link and read the entire original piece.

    I certainly hate to lose all of my blogroll and other links to legal research sites both federal and New York.

    The only possible problem I can think would be that I use the same or similar content on another of my blogs for the state bar association. The links are different. The posts may be the same; but they are mine-not another’s.

    I’d appreciate any help or insight anyone on this forum might offer. Although it does appear that this topic may not be allowed by the PTB.




    Don’t use email when your blog has been suspended. You’re able to sign in, so you should have a notice on your Dashboard to contact staff. Contact them through that link; it gives you a certain measure of priority. If you can’t find that notice, use the Support button, and if that’s not there, use this:

    I can only suggest that when a blog here duplicates the entire contents of a site elsewhere, staff have requested it be set to Private. That might be the issue, but I’m only speculating. They will be able to clarify if you contact them directly.



    Thanks for your prompt response.

    Sorry about not being clear. I used the link on the Dashboard to contact staff as soon as I saw the notice. No response.

    I guess I’ll give it another day. I hate to have to move my other blogs. Take a look. These are similar to my personal blog:



    My political blog has a lot more opinion; but the same basic format:


    I’ll try your link also. Thanks for your advice.



    I can access all your blogs including the one http://lennyesq.wordpress.com



    I can see a problem. At least from the way those posts are formatted, it looks as if you wrote zero original content. Yes, you excerpt from other places and give proper attribution and links, but if that is all you do, that’s probably where you’re getting into trouble.

    For an example of a referral blog that is within acceptable parameters, take a look at http://BoingBoing.net where they do nothing but point to things elsewhere on the web, but they do so with a framework of their own remarks. You might try something like, “I’m posting this case because its use of the Patriot Act seems to me walking a fine line” or something similar.

    Again, I’m not staff, but that’s my perspective from two and a half years of WP.com and helping out in the forums. I understand that your editorial voice is articulated in what you choose to feature, but that alone may not be enough; you may need to add authorial voice by framing those excerpts with your own writing.



    It was an error and we’ve restored the blog.



    I do include my own voice from time to time; but my readers on the law-related blog need the information more than my opinions. I suppose that’s a different take on blogging; but I scrupulously cite and attribute every reference.

    Oh…good news… I have received a response that I’m reinstated. I was taken down in error. I can’t help but think that your comments here helped. Thanks. Here’s the message I received…it seems it wasn’t my content after all; but certain links:

    “Hi Leonard,

    Sorry about that. You happened to share some links in common with a persistent spammers and were caught by mistake. I have re-enabled your blog and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Kind regards,



    There you go!

    See, speculation goes only so far…

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