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This blog is now dead

  1. shopfrontsigns

    Due to lack of traffic and a boring subject matter this blog has gone to meet its maker. It is dead, it is gone, no more will this stupid little blog take up my time. Any condolences should be made on my blog or here. This sad little blog has gone to the blog god in the blog sky with all the blog angels and all the other imaginary gods that fly arround in heaven.

    To be honest I believe in the celestial teapot. long live the teapot, all praise to the teapot. Follow the teapot. It is the truth, all other teapot faiths are wrong especially the coffee one. Death to the coffee teapot, who ever heard of a coffee teapot anyway. Why would anyone die for a coffee teapot.

    And remember. Make tea not War. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @shopfrontsigns
    If you intend to delete the blog please don't. If that's what you are contemplating then please delete the contents and transfer it to me instead.

  3. shesboxingclever

    I'm sorry friend, but the enlightened know that a "coffee teapot" is called a carafe, we also know that coffee, and its carafe, rule the Universe. Maybe your blog's salvation is in your conversion to coffee...might I suggest a bold Guatemalan Fair Trade blend? Heaven in a cup.

  4. shopfrontsigns

    I prefer coffee in a mug. Cups of coffee are just too small.

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