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This blogger lifted my entire post word for word - how can I get them to remove

  1. This post was lifted from my blog. I did not give permission to use it, I would never have given permission for them to use it. They have misrepresented my word by putting it on a blog that is the opposite of what I am doing this is the stolen piece

    this is the original

    The blog I need help with is

  2. wow, that is so, like, not complicated at all

  3. Yep.

  4. in other words, i send them (somehow) a cease and desist letter and they can choose whether or not to take down the stolen piece? great, thats just a complicated way of achieving nothing

    thanks anyway raincoaster

  5. since the alleged stolen content has been placed on a WordPress.COM blog - while logged in - visit the site that stole your content - in the top gray nav bar left side - mouse over the blog name - click on Report this Content - then click on Spam button and fill in the form explain in small words with links where content came from - where posted to etc - note that it is completely duplicated content - no permission given etc - that goes to the Terms of Service group here - - easy place to start

  6. Wow, it's up to you whether you put up with their abuse or you just turn around and abuse the people who give you the solution. Won't be answering any more of your questions in the future.

  7. I said thank you, you think that is abuse? wow, I get death threats on my blog, and WP tell me that is free speech

  8. auxclass, thank you, I was not aware of that "report as spam" very helpful, much appreciated

    this comment is not sarcasm

  9. Here is some more info that should help

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