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This Date In English Civil War History: Death of a Poet

  1. The day poet Sidney Godolphin was killed in raid at dawn.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. so so thrilled you updated your civil war sections,jeez your updating the past 2 weeks has been brilliant on all your works balladeer,keep it up,reading this one now

  3. Thanks, Wingstruck! You're always so nice to everybody! I hope you also liked the one on Queen Henrietta Marie's activities in the English Civil War.

  4. I seem to be spending most of my in-between class time on your page balladeer,its just so relevant and insightful and informative,very well structured,ill start leaving some comments on my favourite posts of yours on your sure the stat count for you pages are telling you just how good your work is.Queen henrietta post i am reading now,even though ive a few opinion on past monarchs....present monarchs too i suppose.keep them coming

  5. Thank you Wingstruck for all those kind words! I agree about not liking royalty. I certainly prefer the Parliamentarians in that war to the Royalists, but some Royalist figures like Prince Rupert and Queen Henrietta Marie with her epic trek to deliver her supplies and mercenaries, deserve coverage even though I don't like the side they fought on. I just do it in the interest of fairness. I'm pariently waiting on your latest post at your blog. (I haven't been there yet today so if a new one is up I haven't seen it yet) Take care and keep writing! You're very talented!

  6. We (my kids and I read history for bedtime stories--most of the time) just finished reading about the 30 years war.

    Personally, I love history. It's like the original "reality TV" but with standing armies and slightly more relevance.

  7. @cmhardin: Love the idea of reading history to your kids as bedtime stories. And remember Harry S Truman's famous saying "There's nothing new in the world except the history you don't know." ?

  8. @balladeer
    It is. We laugh 'til we cry, most nights. My eldest son thinks history sounds like a Discworld novel, if you read it correctly.

    I'd say that is a fair assessment of the situation.

  9. Ha! Yeah. He's pretty perceptive.

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