This forum says one thing yet…. (Adsense issue)

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    Adsense says I Am allowed to place ads on my wordpress blog. Which is it ? I have a genrated code all ready, but WHERE do I add it ? I *thought* I would add it “between body tags of HTML” as instructed…yet when I try and click onto my Source at the top of my monitor in View…nothing happens.

    How can I make this happen ?



    They are most likely referring to a domain-hosted WordPress blog, not the free version of WordPress. As I understand it, Adsense is under consideration as a future widget, but is not currently allowed.

    If I recall from my past experience with Adsense, Javascript is used, and that is why you see nothing — all script is stripped from the code.

    Sorry for the bad news, but you will not, at this time, be able to use Adsense on your site.

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