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  1. I have to say I really like this forum software/implementation. I wonder if in the future one could make one's own forum on this platform? Or is this already possible?


    You can though you need a little knowledge to get it running - it still needs a litte development in some ways. Give it a shot though!

  3. Cool! Thanks! I'll definitely have a go at this. I've been looking for forum software that's light on the tweaking and heavy on content (I even have mixed feelings about the avatars) and there it is! You guys are so fabulous.

  4. The neat thing is that in sinks quite well with regular WordPress and WordPress MultiUser. :)

  5. Installed it (first php install for me ever! Hoorayy!) and got it working--almost. ( The statistics are all messed up(freshness is -1 year?), I can't see users, and there's some kind of function.array-keys error. I know this isn't the right forum to ask about this sort of thing--what is? Couldn't find the right place on, thought you guys might know. I know it's alpha, I'm not expecting anything perfect, but I'm so close, I want to see if I can get these last things fixed.

  6. Impressive! I shall recommend this to my friends.

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