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This Guy Is Ripping Off My Blog Post

  1. There is a wordpress blogger who has completely copied and pasted one of my highest hit search term posts.

    I have a screenshot of his post which shows that he stole it from me.

    He is turning up # 2 on google searches and my page rank 6 website is nowhere to be found.

    What is going on?

    I want to report him to WordPress, and to Google.

    What should I do?

    How did my blog post get buried in Google searches?

  2. Go to his blog and in your blue admin bar you'll see a link on the right "Blog info" and click Report as Spam. Put in the link to the specific post on his blog and the one on yours. He'll be ToS'd pretty quickly if I'm any judge.

    If it's an independent blog using WP software, you need to report him to his web host and assert your copyright. Usually they will take it down. If he has contact details, email him and state that you intend to assert your copyright. Because you're a professional blogger, that means $ and that means he'd best pay attention.

  3. macroartinnature

    Where is a link, so others may be able to see if their work is being used as well.

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